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Hero Realms: Boss Deck -Lich
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Luokka: Lautapelit
Julkaisija: White Wizard Games
Kieli: Englanti
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The things that make men's blood run cold. The danger, the darkness, the destroyer, the big bad guy. Yup, that's you!

Play as an undead Lich and take on an entire group of your friends and their pathetic, puny, mortal characters. Or, if you're up for a real challenge, you and a friend can battle these boss decks against each other!

The Lich Boss Deck contains 30 cards: A 10 card starting deck, a 10 card Grimoire, 6 Soul Jar cards, a Corruption card, 2 score cards, and a Lich boss card.

This Boss Deck lets you play as an undead Lich. You will use your dark magic to corrupt the minds of the living and summon forth a legion of the dead!

Soul Jars
The Lich has stored his life force in several "Soul Jars" that now power its dark magic. To defeat the Lich, all of these Soul Jars must be destroyed! When the game begins, the Lich player shuffles the six Soul Jars and deals one face down into a "Soul Jar deck" for each opposing player. Then, the top Soul Jar is revealed and placed next to the Lich. The Lich's Health total is set to the amount indicated on the Soul Jar. The Lich may use the power of the Soul Jar during its turn. If the Lich's health total is reduced to zero, the revealed Soul Jar is destroyed, and if there are no Soul Jars left in the deck, the party wins! Otherwise the next Soul Jar is revealed, the Lich's health is set to the appropriate amount, and play continues.

Starting Deck
While the Lich's hand size is five regardless of the number of heroes it is battling, the power of many of the Lich's cards increase when played against larger parties.

Some of the cards in the Lich's deck allow it to summon undead from it's special Grimoire deck. When the Lich preforms a summoning, the top minion card from it's Grimoire deck is put directly into play!

The Grimoire
The unspeakable rites in this dark tome allow the Lich to summon undead horrors to terrorize the heroes. This deck contains 10 minion cards which fight for the Lich. These minions count as champions for the party's effects (such as "stun target champion"). However, they do not count as champions for the Lich's effects. For example, Close Ranks doesn't give the Lich extra combat for its minions in play. When a minion is stunned, it is shuffled back into the Grimoire.

Corruption and Control
The Lich acquiring cards from the market represents it twisting the minds of the citizens of the city. Whenever the Lich shuffles its deck, if It has 20 or more cards, it begins to corrupt the city, and the Corruption card is placed in front of the Lich. Once gained, the Lich may use it's corruption power every turn! If the Lich has 30 or more cards when it shuffles it's deck, it gains full control over the city of Thandar. The corruption card is flipped over to it's more powerful Control side!

Challenging the Lich
Any party member may Step Up and challenge the Lich during their turn. If they do, no other player may be targeted or attacked by the Lich during his next turn (unless that player is defeated). Note that the Lich may still target and attack all players' champions as normal. Each party member may only Step Up once per game, so choose your time wisely!

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