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Hero Realms: Boss Deck -Dragon
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Luokka: Lautapelit
Julkaisija: White Wizard Games
Kieli: Englanti
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The things that make men's blood run cold. The danger, the darkness, the destroyer, the big bad guy. Yup, that's you!

Play as a mighty Dragon and take on an entire group of your friends and their pathetic, puny, mortal characters. Or, if you're up for a real challenge, you and a friend can battle these boss decks against each other!

With this Boss Deck, you play as a mighty Dragon! You must defend your precious treasures against a team of meddlesome adventurers who foolishly dispute your claim to the city of Thandar and all of it's riches.

The Dragon is a powerhouse. It has a ton of health, a large hand size, and very powerful cards in its starting deck.

The dragon has 50 health for each starting opponent, so when playing against 3 players it has 150 health, and against 5 it has a massive 250 health!

When playing against another Boss, the Boss gets 150 Health and a 7 card hand size.

Hand Size
Hand Size is also determined by It's number of starting opponents. The Dragon gets 4 cards + 1 per opponent, so when facing a 3 heroes it gets a 7 card hand size, 8 cards when battling 4 heroes, etc.

Starting Deck
The Dragon's starting deck will contain 10-18 cards, depending on the number of heroes it is battling.

The dragons starting deck is filled with powerful cards. For each additional opponent, the Dragon adds two specific cards to it's starting deck.

The Dragon's starting deck also contains a special coin of each faction. In addition to providing 1 gold, these also count as a card of that faction, making it easier for the Dragon to trigger ally abilities.

Many in Thandar believe the Dragon to be invincible, and work with it despite its tyranny. Just like the heroes, the Dragon buys cards from the Market to use in its deck.

Treasure Horde
Amongst the Dragon's vast horde of treasure are powerful magic items the Dragon can use. These are represented by the 9 Hoard Item cards which form a separate Treasure Hoard deck with special card backs.

Whenever the Dragon plays the Hoard card from it's personal deck, it gets to put one of it's powerful Hoard Items into play!

These magic items can be key to the Dragon's victory.
But if the Dragon is not vigilant, these items can be turned against it!

While the Dragon is taunted, a player may steal a Hoard Item by preforming a Skill Check (discarding cards from their hand with total cost equal to or greater than the Skill Check number).

Taunting the Dragon
Despite their devious intellect, dragons are prideful and quick to anger. If a player deals at least 10 damage to the Dragon in a single turn, the Dragon becomes taunted and will only spend combat to deal damage to that player and their champions next turn. This can be a great way for players to buy time for a teammate who is low on health. (If multiple players dealt 10+ damage, the Dragon can attack any or all of those players.)

Boss decks include 30 cards. Each boss is unique, having different numbers of cards in their starting decks, different ability cards, and even brand new card types.

Contains 30 cards:
* 18 starting deck cards
* 9 Treasure Hoard cards
* 2 score cards
* the Dragon boss card.

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