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Hero Realms: Ruin of Thandar Campaign Deck
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Luokka: Lautapelit
Julkaisija: White Wizard Games
Kieli: Englanti
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Choose your character, team up with your friends, and start your adventure! Gain experience points on each mission. Spend your experience points between missions to improve your character with awesome new skill and gear cards.

The Campaign Starter Deck contains three missions. Each mission is intended to be an independent play session. Each session is designed to take about an hour, but if your group likes to discuss strategy at length between each play, your games could take longer.

There will be two ways to play, "board game mode" or "story mode".

When playing in board game mode, each mission is a unique cooperative challenge that can be played again and again. You don't have to do the missions in order. You and your friends each pick a character to play, pick the mission you want to play against, and go. You'll be able to adjust the difficulty, so no matter how many times you have played the mission before, or how skilled the players are, you can keep things challenging.

When playing in story mode, you and your friends each pick a character to play, and you play the missions in order, and you (generally) only play each mission once. In story mode, you always play the same character mission after mission. Players will gain experience and sometimes find rare items when a mission is complete. Between missions, each player may spend their experience points on new skill or gear cards to improve their character, so as the difficulty of the missions increases, the power of your characters will also increase. You will need to keep track of your character's experience, and what cards you have bought or found for your character.

The 158-card Campaign Starter Deck contains:
*150 cards including skill and gear cards to improve and customize your character
*8 oversize cards
* Rules for solo and cooperative Campaign play
* Rulebook
* Adventure book (three different missions, each designed to be more challenging than the last!)

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