Gamegenic: Flex Card Dividers - 10 x 66x92mm (Multicolor) Gamegenic: Flex Card Dividers - 10 x 66x92mm (Multicolor)
2.40 €

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Luokka: Korttipelit
Julkaisija: Ultimate Guard
Postitus: 2.40 €
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These durable and resistant card dividers will tidy up almost any deck box.
This divider package contains 10 different vibrant colors to provide a maximum of organization possibilities.

Innovation: Foldable register tabs: Probably the first card divider on the market that truly divides!
The tab allows an increased height that sticks out from the card pile and provides a much better visibility compared to usual dividers.

The flexible fold-line makes sure that no cards are harmed while closing the box.
The register tab will just fold to the side and unfold when the box is opened.
Due to an additional folding line at the side this also works in sideloading boxes.

Tuotteen lisäyspäivä: 27.05.2020.

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