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Shadowrun: Street Grimoire Shadowrun: Street Grimoire
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Arvioitu toimitusaika: Yleensä hyvin saatavilla, 2-9 arkipäivää. (...lue lisää)

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Luokka: Roolipelit
Julkaisija: Catalyst Game Labs
Kieli: englanti
Ikäsuositus: 8+
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Paying with Your Soul

Magic can burn your brain and sear your soul. It can inject power into every millimeter of your veins, or leave you a lump of ashes at the end of a dark alley. It's dangerous, but to spell slingers in the Sixth World, it's worth it. Because magic is power, and power in the Sixth World needs to be grabbed with both hands.

Spells, rituals, alchemical preparations, adept powers, metamagics -all of those elements and more can be used to help an Awakened shadowrunner move off the streets and get a taste of the high life. Street Grimoire has more options for Shadowrun players, along with information on magical traditions, magic societies, and the dangers and benefits of living as a spell caster in a world where "geek the mage first" is a common adage.

With more options, deeper rules, deadlier threats, and dozens of way to have fun with magic, Street Grimoire is an essential book for anyone playing Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.

• Presents new spells, rituals, alchemical preparations, adept powers, spirit types, and more options for Awakened Shadowrun characters.
• Includes information and complete game information on magical threats, including bug spirits and toxic shamans.
• Offers details on magic traditions and magical societies the players can use to give more depth and flavor to characters' individual interactions with magic.
• Provides flavor on how Awakened characters live in the Sixth World, which can be used by players and gamemasters alike in informing how their game and plots move forward.
• Includes full-color art and fiction to display the full range of Shadowrun magic.
• Details rules that give players and gamemasters more options for how they use magic to create awesome effects in Shadowrun games.

Pages: 200 (softcover)

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