Firestorm 2: Shockwave Firestorm 2: Shockwave
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Luokka: Roolipelit
Julkaisija: R. Talsorian
Kieli: Englanti
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2022: The End of the World -- Part 2

You knew it had to happen: the Big Boys on the Corporate Block, ARASAKA and MILITECH have pulled off the gloves in a no-holds-barred slugfest for control of the arms market -- and the planet.

Now, as brutal battles turn cities around the globe into rubble, Edgerunners everywhere are being fed into the meatgrinder of full-on corporate war. No "covert, low-intensity, cover-your-tracks" type of operation here -- no, we're talkin' howling down the street, guns blazing as enemy fire rips up the pavement missions using state-of-the-art tools of mass destruction. No one gets to sit on the sidelines in this war. But does your Edgerunner have what it takes to survive this guantlet? It's time to sign on, suit up, and find out.

But you'd better choose the right side ... because the winner gets to reshape the Cyberpunk world.

This cyberwar sourcebook has something for everyone, including:

* Briefings on the beginning stages of the Hot War, including a complete timeline detailing all major events.
* Profiles and equipment for the corporate warriors on both sides -- as well as other forces that will help decide the outcome of the war.
* 3 New Character Roles: Aerojock, PA Trooper, and Panzerboy -- plus 5 new skills.
* All sorts of millspec newtech, featuring 4 new ACPA suits, more than 20 pieces of new combat gear and 17 new weapons.
* 7 new vehicles, ranging from air superiority fighters to urban warfare cyberwalks.
* A listing of vehicles and major military hardware, replacing the out-of-print Maxiumum Metal sourcebook.
* Rules for streamlined vehicle combat and resolving small unit battles.
* Profiles on 5 corporate target sites, each with adventure hooks.
* A climactic mission which leads the characters to the heart of Arasaka -- alongside some familiar faces!

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