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Warhammer 40,000: Conquest PF6 -Final Gambit
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Luokka: Korttipelit
Julkaisupäivä: 05.05.2016
Julkaisija: Fantasy Flight Games
Kieli: Englanti
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The sixth and final War Pack in the Planetfall cycle for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest!

The battle for Sacaellum reaches its climax with this War Pack. As the Black Templars attempt to recover the sacred relics of St. Camila, an Eldar raiding party from the craftsworld of Saim-Hann makes a desperate gambit to steal these relics for their own unknowable devices! War has overtaken the planet: the only question that remains is which side will emerge victorious.

Like the other War Packs of the Planetfall cycle, The Final Gambit adds new significance to planet type symbols beyond merely achieving victory. Every faction has its reasons for waging war in the Traxis sector, and when you fight according to those goals, you may find greater success than you would otherwise. Here, you'll also find a new Eldar warlord with her unique signature squad, as well as fifty-one other cards (three copies each of seventeen distinct cards) to enhance the armies of the other factions. Walk the secret Paths of the Eldar and make your gambit for victory!

Force of Arm and Force of Mind
To avoid the decadence and transgressions of their past, an individual Eldar focuses all of his considerable intellect on a single aspect, or Path. Some Eldar walk the Path of the Warrior, becoming some of the most skilled and powerful combatants in the galaxy. Others turn their focus inwards to follow the Path of the Seer, developing unbelievable mental prowess. Now, under the leadership of one Autarch, you can bring both Psykers and Warriors together into a single, unstoppable fighting force.

In The Final Gambit, you gain access to a new Eldar warlord, Talyesin Fharenal (The Final Gambit, 116). Talyesin can dramatically increase the power of your Psykers and Warriors that follow her into battle. To begin with, each of your Psykers and Warriors at Talyesin's planet benefits from a heightened HP, making them more durable on the field of battle. Then, while you control both a Psyker and a Warrior at Talyesin's planet, each of your Psykers and Warriors gains a higher ATK!

In essence, Talyesin can easily increase both the defensive and offensive capabilities of your Psykers and Warriors, inviting you to create a dangerous fighting force centered around these two unit traits. The only caveat to Talyesin's benefits is that you need both Psykers and Warriors to gain the full effect. Fortunately, Talyesin's signature squad includes both types of units.

The signature squad opens with two copies of Talyesin's Spiders (The Final Gambit, 117), a Warrior unit that's especially useful for gaining an early foothold in a command struggle. With only one command icon, Talyesin's Spiders are best suited to winning the command struggle on planets where your opponent has no presence—but that doesn't mean they're out of the battle. After any Psyker unit you control is declared as an attacker, you may move Talyesin's Spiders to the same planet as that unit! Since Talyesin's Spiders can traverse the sector instantly through the mysterious Eldar webway, they can leap into combat wherever you need them.

The signature squad also includes two copies of a Psyker unit: Talyesin's Warlocks (The Final Gambit, 118). These army units are potent attackers, especially with the added power of Talyesin Fharenal supporting them. What's more, you can ready these units during combat by discarding a Warrior card from your hand. The potential for Talyesin's Warlocks to double-strike means that you'll want to include plenty of Warrior cards in your deck.

How else can you take advantage of your Psykers and Warriors? One way is by playing Path of the Leader (The Final Gambit, 120). Two copies of this event are included in the signature squad, and it offers several useful options to your battle plans. If you need just one more resource to play a powerful event or unit, you may use Path of the Leader to gain a resource. If increased ATK would lead your troops to victory, you may use this event to give a Warrior increased ATK until the end of the phase. Finally, if one of your Psykers is desperately needed at another planet, you may play this card and exhaust a Psyker to move it from one planet to any other. Being a good battle leader centers on flexibility, and the undeniable flexibility offered by Path of the Leader makes it well worth its place in your signature squad.

The synergies offered between Warriors and Psykers are quite powerful, but they fall apart if you don't have both Warriors and Psykers at your disposal. Fortunately, you can call upon the Wisdom of the Serpent (The Final Gambit, 119). By exhausting this support during your headquarters phase, you can name either Psyker or Warrior, whichever you need most at that time. Then, you'll search the top three cards of your deck for a unit with the chosen trait and place it in your hand. This kind of repeatable search and draw can be very powerful, so you'll certainly want to seek the Wisdom of the Serpent in the defense of Saim-Hann.

Talyesin Fharenal's signature squad offers a final way to ensure you always have a Psyker and a Warrior with the Autarch Powersword (The Final Gambit, 121). This attachment can be given to any unit you control, and it grants increased ATK and HP. What's more, if the attached unit is an army unit, it gains the Warrior and Psyker traits. With both of these traits forming an crucial part of Talyesin's strategy, the Autarch Powersword can prove very useful on the field of battle.

A Multitude of Shapes
Lead the most powerful psykers and warriors of the Eldar into battle as Talyesin Fharenal, or take command of one of the other factions to battle for the future of Sacaellum! In The Final Gambit, you determine the fate of Traxis sector.

• The sixth War Pack in the Planetfall cycle for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest
• Planet-type symbols take on renewed significance for each faction throughout the cycle
• Introduces a powerful new Eldar warlord who combines both Warriors and Psykers to fight for the Traxis sector
• Offers a new warlord with her eight-card signature squad, and fifty-one cards for other factions (three copies each of seventeen distinct cards)

Tuotteen lisäyspäivä: 02.05.2016.

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