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Shadowrun Chronicles Boston L.
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Luokka: PC
Ikäsuositus: 16+
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- Additional features of the boxed version includes…
- Pen & Paper Boston Lockdown game (pdf), extra in-Game items, weapons and armour and soundtrack.
- Gripping tactical combat, 50+ different enemies from vicious gangers to combat drones and corporate wagemages!
- Teamwork! Build up your team of runners or join with other players
- Live co-op - find the best combination of skill, magic and technology for survival.
- Real consequences! Team members die and missions get taken by other runners.
- Never run alone! Team up with friends, swap stories with other runners in the hangout.
- Be who YOU want to be! Create your individual Shadowrunner in a level-free character
- system…
- From over 60 different combat and non-combat skills, unique backgrounds and five metahuman races.
- Your actions in the game will shape the future of all the Shadowrun universe!

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