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Julkaisija: LEBRIGHT
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  • Longer Strip: 39inch RGB LED TV strip with 3 button mini controller for flash regulation, for color changing, for speed control, easy and smart
  • Colorful: LED TV Backlight 20 color to select and cut freely depend on your prefer, and the cycle colors at different speeds to control the vibe while creating your own light show
  • Easy Operation: Bais Lighting Comes with a small controller (3 buttons) on the end of the light strip which lets you choose from colors, modes (type of light movement) and brightness to whatever pleases your viewing pleasure
  • Alleviates Eye-strain: This Bias lighting kit can really help to improve your perception of contrast, and make panel monitors much easier on the eyes to reduce eye fatigue, ease eye strain
  • Easy Operation: The LED tv strip input is USB 5V/1-2A,Adapt to all models of televisions.

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