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Europa Universalis ROME Gold
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Osamaksulla: 9.00 € / kk

Arvioitu toimitusaika: Tilaustuote, 2-9 arkipäivää. (...lue lisää)

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Luokka: PC
Julkaisija: Paradox
Kieli: englanti
Ikäsuositus: 12+
Postitus: 2.40 €
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Experience one of the most defining periods in world history in an experience crafted by the masters of Grand Strategy. The greatest cultural and military civilizations are brought to life through this epic title rife with great strategic and tactical depth. Europa Universalis: Rome will cover the time period from the first Punic War to the start of the true Empire. Players will have thousands of gameplay choices ranging from country, culture, provincial and character options to name but a few, making each and every game infinitely customizable and truly unique.

Europa Universalis: Rome combines the best of the empire building, conquest and warfare genres, wrapped into a title that contains all main characteristics of a typical Paradox Interactive game.

Vae Victis expands on the Grand Strategy title Europa Universalis: Rome with a number of new features and game improvements. This expansion adds courtly intrigue, a new Senate for leaders of the Republic to contend with, improved AI and an overhauled interface.

Tuotteen lisäyspäivä: 04.06.2009.

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