Full Metal Panic! Short Stories: Volumes 1-3 (HB) Full Metal Panic! Short Stories: Volumes 1-3 (HB)
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Luokka: Kirjat
Julkaisija: J-Novel Club
Kieli: Englanti
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The adventures continue in a new collection of hilarious side stories - now available for the first time in English!Intriguing One-Man Band?Sagara Sousuke is an average Japanese high school student-totally not a war-addled military geek who mistakes love letters for bombs. He drives Chidori Kaname crazy, but even though he's agreed to date another girl, she just can't leave him alone!Unflinching Two-Out Inning?Sagara Sousuke is at it again, from turning a turf war into a hostage situation to sending a rugby team through boot camp. Meanwhile, he's growing closer with Chidori Kaname.

Even when it looks like he might strike out, he never stops swinging!Unpolished Three-Ring Circus?Sagara Sousuke is here to yet again solve any problems that might befall Jindai High. With Chidori Kaname by his side, he'll seek out the truth behind a haunted hospital and lay a trap for a ponytail-obsessed villain, along with other misadventures!

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