The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn As a Typical Nobody... The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn As a Typical Nobody...
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Arvioitu toimitusaika: Yleensä hyvin saatavilla, 2-9 arkipäivää. (...lue lisää)

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Luokka: Elokuvat
Julkaisupäivä: 26.07.2023
Julkaisija: Crunchyroll
Kieli: Kieli japani, englanti. Tekstitys englanti
Ikäsuositus: 15+
Postitus: 2.40 €
Nouto myymälästä: 2.00 € (...lue lisää)

All 12 episodes of the Japanese anime based on the light novel series by Myojin Katou. Varvatos (voice of Kohei Amasaki) defeated the Evil Gods and saved the world but is known as the Demon Lord due to his immense power. Lonely, he decides to reincarnate 3,000 years into the future as a normal human.

Reborn as Ard Meteor (Toshinari Fukamachi), he wants an ordinary life with friends, but while by past standards, his power would now be considered average at best, because of the decline in magic over the years, he is once again the strongest and most powerful sorcerer in the land. Worse still, he is lacking in social skills and deemed creepy by other children. He meets Ireena (Wakana Maruoka) and tries to be her friend, but it is only when he saves her from a goblin attack that she realises she can trust him.

They later decide to join the Academy of Magic together but Ard discovers that he isn't free of his past as Varvatos after all. The episodes are: 'Typical Nobody', 'Non-Standard', 'The Demon Lord's Play', 'Duel', 'The Story of a Lonely King', 'The Raging Champion', 'The Exciting Festival', 'The Mask Laughs', 'According to a God', 'To the Battlefield of Old', 'Those With Resolve' and 'Beyond Our Determination'.

Tuotteen lisäyspäivä: 25.07.2023.

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