Lamppu: Blast Off Rocket Lamppu: Blast Off Rocket
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Luokka: Kotiin
Julkaisija: Paladone
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Lift off into outer space the next time you want to light up your room with this super-cool, super-fun Bast Off Light.

This light is in the shape of a rocket mid-take off, with bright flames roaring from its engine. Ideal for science enthusiasts, fans of sci-fi, and kids that just love outer space, the Blast Off Light is a great gift for Christmas and birthdays.

This lamp, which works nicely as a bedside light, or on your desk, is USB powered. Make sure you opt for the Blast Off Light the next time you're looking for a stocking filler for any science mad loved ones.

When it comes to novelty and quirky lights that will make the perfect present for someone you have definitely come to the right place because here at Paladone we have an excellent range of wholesale light gifts available that we're confident you'll love. If you're like us and you love lights, then you're going to love this range of wholesale light gifts. From outer space themed lamps, to ice cream lights and plenty more, this range has something for everyone.

The Blast Off Light is a part of the Lights range from Paladone.

This product is made using BDP™ which stands for Breakdown Plastic – an organic additive that helps plastic decompose at landfill without affecting either its structural integrity (before landfill) or the recyclability of the product.

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