Lynx: Condition Rings - D&D - Status & Magic Effects (96kpl) Lynx: Condition Rings - D&D - Status & Magic Effects (96kpl)
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Luokka: Roolipelit
Julkaisupäivä: 17.12.2021
Julkaisija: LYNX
Kieli: englanti
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Remove the chaos on the battlefield: Track the most commonly used magic and skill effects easily and clearly. With our 96 rings to capture 24 different conditions, the confusing days of capturing dozens of effects with pen and paper are over!
  • This will improve every RPG tabletop: manufactured to be used with any brand and type of miniatures. With an inner dimension of 1 inch, they fit exactly on the base of 25 mm standard miniatures such as d&d and pathfinder. For larger figures, you can simply hang rings on the miniature figures. Works with the 3rd, 4th and 5th Edition of D&D and many other RPGs!
  • Can be read from any angle: unique 360° design in clear white relief lettering ensures optimal visibility for every player at the table. Our rings are printed on both sides and have all unique colours. Works great with or without dungeon plates.
  • Easy to store, easy to use: includes robust storage box with foam insert and individual slots for each of the 24 different condition rings for a smooth gaming experience!
  • 2 Joker rings: Our 24 different condition rings contain 2 rings with physical and magical effects to reflect any other condition you may need. A great gift for DM/Dungeon Master!
  • Ring condition names are in English: Blessed - Blinded - Charmed - Concentrating - Cursed - Deafened - Enlarged - Exhausted - Frightened - Grappled - Hastened - Hexed - Hunter's Mark - Incapacitated - Invisible - Paralyzed - Petrified - Poisoned - Raging - Restrained - Stunned - Unconscious - Wildlife Card effects: Magical Effect - Physical Effect

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