COBI Blocks: World Of Ships - USS Enterprise (2510 Pcs) COBI Blocks: World Of Ships - USS Enterprise (2510 Pcs)
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The USS Enterprise is an American aircraft carrier from World War II.
His name means something like "entrepreneurial" or "full of energy".
The US Navy ship was also commonly called the "Big E".
She served very actively in the Pacific during the entire war with Japan and was awarded 20 stars for her actions.

The USS Enterprise entered service in May 1938.
It was equipped with 8 universal weapons of 127 mm caliber.
During the war, new, more effective small-caliber anti-aircraft guns and large-caliber machine guns were constantly exchanged and added.

The aircraft carrier was equipped with the most modern radars, radio altimeters and range finders.
The USS Enterprise took 70 to 91 planes with it, depending on the planned period of use.
These included fighter planes, dive bombers and torpedo planes.

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