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8Bitdo Zero Retro Gamepad (PC/ioS/Android)
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Luokka: PC
Julkaisupäivä: 22.04.2016
Julkaisija: 8Bitdo
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With its petite body and delicate design, ZERO can be carried around as an ornament on your key ring. Its length is shorter than half of that of an iPhone 6, its size is less than 1/6 of a XBOX controller. Having a standard D-pad, four face buttons and 2 shoulder buttons (L1 & L2), ZERO allows you to play a vast variety of games.

Measuring a tiny 73mm wide by 35mm tall and 13.7mm at its thickest, this quirky design features an eight-way digital pad, double shoulder buttons, start and select buttons, and four face buttons. Plus its 180mAh rechargeable battery gives you up to 20 hours' gaming on a single charge.

Small enough to slip into your pocket for on-the-go retro-style gaming (you could even clip it onto your keys, it's that small), this silicon controller can withstand even the most ardent usage, and its ARM 32 in-built processor is capable of delivering a smooth, lag-free experience, every single time.

Bluetooth 3.0, langaton.

Windows XP, Vista tai uudempi sekä Android, iOS ja Mac OS X yhteensopiva.

Tuotteen lisäyspäivä: 19.04.2016.