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Space Overlords
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Luokka: PC
Julkaisupäivä: 16.03.2016
Julkaisija: Excalibur Games
Kieli: Englanti
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Controlling the Overlord - a ruthless ancient life form with immeasurable powers - the object of the game is to set out on a mission of retaliation over your evil Kesedihan to wipe out all of his kin. Settling old scores against Kesedihan for his part in yours and your brother's incarceration, you must take possession of planets colonised by this evil warlord who has ravaged all resources to feed his dominance. Waking up after years of captivity, your path of annihilation is about to begin.

Space Overlords is a 3D isometric seek and destroy arcade game built and designed to be a fast paced action shoot-fest! The initial launch will feature seven galaxies in Single-Player mode with three single player modes to choose from - Main Gameplay, Co-operative and Gameplay Loop. Each galaxy will have eight planets and each section feature atmospheric cut scenes.

The multi-player portion of the game has four game modes and focuses on pitting the players against each other. THE CONQUER GALAXIES SYSTEM Space Overlords has a built in level editor in which players can create levels to play and share with other players. Those user created levels will be showed on the COMMUNITY tab on the main UI of the game. Each player will have his/her created planets associated with their account. Other players can try to beat those planets in MULTIPLAYER MODE. Each victory on the Multiplayer mode awards points that count towards a global game leader board.

THE COMBO SYSTEM The combos in Space Overlords are long and awesome! For each building, inhabitant or ship destroyed there will be combo points awarded (+50) for each 100 hits e.g.: 300 hits = 300 + 150 points. The MAX COMBO indicator will tell the player the maximum amount of consecutive hits he/she has achieved on the current game.

THE TUTORIAL SYSTEM This novelty feature takes place on the moon where the Overlord awakes. Pop up messages give direction to the player who can then roam around four zones where he will learn to move, attack and perform special moves such as speed and agility. It's rather like a military academy for space officers. Multi-player game modes are explained and buildings and enemies are introduced.

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