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Star Wars: Imperial Assault -Alliance Smuggler Ally Pack
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Luokka: Lautapelit
Julkaisupäivä: 16.02.2016
Julkaisija: Fantasy Flight Games
Kieli: Englanti
Ikäsuositus: 8+
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Across the Star Wars galaxy, the Galactic Empire reigns supreme. But even the Empire cannot be everywhere or regulate everything, and so those who live outside the law make their way on the fringes of society, preying on the weak and fighting to survive for another day. Smuggle supplies and weapons for the Rebel Alliance an bring your own brand of lawlessness to Imperial Assault with the Alliance Smuggler.

The Alliance Smuggler Ally Pack isn't directly associated with any other Imperial Assault expansions, meaning that this characters enters the game for the first time in these figure packs. Like other Ally Packs this expansion offers a sculpted plastic figure alongside a new campaign side mission and two new skirmish missions that share a map. Joined by new Agenda cards, Command cards, Deployment cards, Reward cards, and Skirmish cards, this figure introduces new tactics for your campaigns and skirmishes!

The Rebellion prefers to avoid dealing with criminals in most circumstances, but its dedicated smugglers are crucial to the continued survival of the Rebel Alliance. These smugglers carry weapons and medical supplies to beleaguered worlds, they can transport political leaders safely and quickly, and they can hold their own if pressed to fight. With the Alliance Smuggler Ally Pack, you gain a single Alliance Smuggler figure to support you in your campaigns and skirmishes.

In the skirmish game, the Alliance Smuggler is a powerful ally who can stun enemy figures or slip away from Stormtroopers and other enemies before they can pin you down with blaster fire. You might even embark on a smuggling run into your opponent's deployment zone to gain some additional victory points! The new Smuggled Supplies Command card gives your Smuggler characters a boost when they need it most, and two new skirmish missions invite you to battle across the Mustafar Command Hub to make a critical datalink or deliver energy cells to your allies.

You may also call upon the Alliance Smugglers to join you in the campaign game with an entirely new side mission. In the Precious Cargo campaign side mission, you and your fellow heroes journey to Ryloth to recover the cargo of a tramp freighter shot down by Imperial forces. With the help of an Alliance Smuggler, you may regain the freighter's cargo for the Rebellion and secure the services of the Alliance Smuggler for future missions. But the Empire is already on the trail of the cargo, and they're certain to try to claim this cargo for themselves!

• A Wave IV Rebel faction figure pack for Imperial Assault
• Introduces one sculpted Alliance Smuggler figure, along with new missions and other cards
• A campaign side mission invites you to recover the cargo of a downed Rebel freighter
• Two skirmish missions challenge you to slip by your foes or engage in a smuggling run
• New Mission cards, Command cards, and Deployment cards open plenty of tactical possibilities

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