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NBA 08
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Luokka: PlayStation 2
Kieli: Englanti
Ikäsuositus: 3+
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Bringing basketball to the next level of realism, the officially licensed NBA 08 features a comprehensive and authentic recreation of the sport, with advanced artificial intelligence, intuitive user interface and a TV style commentary track for in-depth audio play-by-play, to fully envelop gamers within the rich atmosphere of an NBA broadcast.

All-New Progression System - NBA 08 introduces a new system of rewarding players for game exploration and advancement by providing numerous customisable player options.

  • Greater Online Accessibility - Utilising an online hub where players can readily share game features and data, NBA '08 provides a streamlined approach for online basketball gaming.
  • NBA Replay Mode - Back to test the skills of the most hardcore NBA fans, "NBA Replay" is once again available for players to re-enact great performances from the '06 -'07 season and work through the entire past season's worth of memorable gameplay scenarios.
  • Brand New Full Audio Commentary - NBA 08 now delivers the sights and sounds of an NBA broadcast to the user with authentic play-by-play and in-depth color commentary.
  • Enhanced Gameplay and A.I. - In addition to the core fundamentals of gameplay, NBA 08 improves on team gameplay elements. Offensive and defensive player positioning is more authentic, where players space themselves correctly on offense and defenders react more realistically to shots, layups, and shifts in offense.
  • Greater Sixaxis Controls - Expanded Sixaxis functionality provides an all-new and deeper set of control options including specific dribbles as well as high and low offensive and defensive moves.
  • Expanded Character Movement - A new contact mechanism takes into account a player's momentum when pushing into one another, introducing a "physical" (as opposed to finesse) game play mechanic.
  • Updated Environments - Arenas given more life with more dynamic movement and animations, particularly with coaches, bench players, and crowd.
  • Full HD at 1080p - NBA 08 continues to deliver true high definition at 60 frames per second, delivering the sharpest and most realistic basketball experience available.

  • Tuotteen lisäyspäivä: 03.09.2012.

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