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Avenger Elite N-Controller Ohjainapu (PS3)
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Luokka: PlayStation 3
Julkaisupäivä: 09.05.2012
Julkaisija: iControl Enterprises
Kieli: Englanti
Postitus: 4.90 €
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Etua muihin pelaajiin ilman huijaamista! Uusi Avenger Elite ohjainjärjestelmä liitetään tavalliseen PS3 Dualshock -ohjaimeen ja olet muita edellä, tarkempi, nopeampi - parempi pelaaja!

The Avenger Elite adapter may look a lot like previous versions of the Avenger but it represents a major leap forward for what was already a very advanced product. Using extraordinary new alloys and metals made in America specifically for the Elite, the new Avenger also makes use of medical grade nano technology and a new military grade precision hair trigger kit.

The N-Control Avenger is a state-of-the-art gaming accessory for the PS3 controller. This powerful adapter, which promises to deliver the ultimate gaming advantage, enhances the user's speed, precision, stability, and reaction time, becoming the most sophisticated secret weapon in the gaming industry.

Please note: PS3 controller is not included

Product Features:

  • External adapter for housing a standard PS3 controller
  • Enhances your gaming speed, precision, stability, and reaction time
  • Access nine functions simultaneously
  • High-precision tension straps, hair-triggers, and sensitivity adjusters
  • Fine tune your own unique settings
  • Design includes stabiliser tripod
  • Quick release catch for easily removing the controller


The Avenger is an external adapter that houses the existing PS3 controller to enhance gameplay. This accessory tightly grips the controller's exterior surface, providing an immersive gaming experience through an intuitive user-interface. The adapter transforms the PS3 controller to enhance the gamer's manual dexterity and situational awareness by improving accuracy and reaction-time. This sophisticated accessory is specially engineered for those who want to push their gaming abilities to new heights. The Avenger allows for rapid, fluid movements between individual buttons and analogue sticks, allowing gamers to access nine functions simultaneously. The adapter comes equipped with a stabilizer tripod, high-precision tension straps, hair-triggers, and sensitivity adjusters, which can be fine-tuned like a musical instrument. The Avenger is the ultimate secret weapon in first-person shooters, sports games, action adventure, fighting, and racing games. 

Vaatii PS3 -ohjaimen

Hosts of G4TV's X-Play, Adam Sessler & Blair Herter, gave the Avenger two thumbs up, claiming that it certainly
"improves [the gamer's] skills substantially," and best of all, it does so "without cheating." Further accolades from the two hosts highlighted the Avenger's "thumbless button operation" and the capability for "very fine finesse and control" within the gaming environment.

"I played several matches of Black Ops with the Avenger.... I was able to shoot much faster. With a few more adjustments to fit my style, I was suddenly reloading faster, switching weapons with my left index finger, and never taking my hand off either analog stick. The Avenger works. It really does."

Tuotteen lisäyspäivä: 22.04.2012.

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