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Icewind Dale + Exp. Icewind Dale + Exp.
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Luokka: PC
Kieli: englanti
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Icewind Dale is a single or multiplayer role-playing game set in the granddaddy of all fantasy game worlds, the Forgotten Realms. Experience classic dungeon adventuring while focusing on the overall success of your entire group rather than a sole hero. Encounter a horde of new monsters to match brawn and wits against - over 50 to be exact! While you can travel to the various cities in Icewind Dale, including the well-established city of Easthaven and the newly created outpost of Kuldahar, most of your adventuring will take place in deep, dark dungeons. Expect to find adventure in a variety of different locations, such as a lizardman lair, elvish ruins, and an ancient dwarvish settlement just to name a few. Overall there will be 11 regions with approximately 10 areas a piece, so about different levels in the game. That is about 40-60 hours of gameplay to finish the entire game for the average gamer. Far across the icy tundra, the distant sounds of battle drums herald a new call to adventure.

Tuotteen lisäyspäivä: 19.05.2010.

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