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Shadow Hearts - From The New World (käytetty)
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Luokka: PlayStation 2
Julkaisija: Ghostlight
Kieli: Englanti
Ikäsuositus: 7+
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The story begins as Johnny Garland, a young, 16-year old detective who lost his father, sister and his memory in an accident, accepts an investigation to track down a criminal suspect who escaped from custody. As he closes in on the suspect, Johnny witnesses a supernatural occurrence - a huge monster appears from a green light known as the ""window"" and swallows up the criminal. Apparently, a series of horrific incidents similar to this have been plaguing the cities across the nation.
Johnny's female counterpart is 21-year-old bounty hunter Shania, a Native American who is searching for these mysterious windows and determined to fight them using her spiritual powers. Together, they travel around the states and are joined by other characters.

* Series trademark Judgment Ring battle system makes a return with improvements - ""Stock System"" allowing players the option of executing a ""Combo"" command with a second character or ""Double"" command enabling a character to perform two different actions in one turn.
* A completely new story and set of new characters will make the title easily accessible to newcomers of the series with its unique style and sense of humor.
* A cast of well-drawn, entertaining characters with distinct personalities and reappearances by a few of the series' favorites.
* Experience a higher level of realism with easy to navigate, visually-stunning backgrounds, special lighting and illumination effects.
* Huge production values with dramatic events unfolding through high quality graphics, CG cut scenes, impressive sound effects and voice overs.

Up to 60 hours of enthralling game play.
· Movie-type storyline
· Atmospheric high-end CG cut-scenes.
· Aid your quest by playing and exploring various mini-games and side-quests to gain extra bounty!
· Travel across America, explore familiar locations
· Meet with mythical and historical characters. Will they assist or hinder your quest?!
· Newly improved features to the series trademark 'Judgement ring battle system'.
· Multiple endings and surprising twists in storyline where you determine the end.
· New 'Stellar chart' system feature to unlock hidden secrets, bonuses and power-ups!
· Character morphing ability.

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