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Dune Imperium: Uprising Dune Imperium: Uprising
55.90 €

Arvioitu toimitusaika: Saatavilla, tukkuvarastossa , 3-17 arkipäivää. (...lue lisää)

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Luokka: Lautapelit
Julkaisupäivä: 15.11.2023
Julkaisija: Dire Wolf
Kieli: Englanti
Ikäsuositus: 14+
Postitus: 4.90 €
Nouto myymälästä: 2.00 € (...lue lisää)

In Dune: Imperium Uprising, you want to continue to balance military might with political intrigue, wielding new tools in pursuit of victory. Spies will shore up your plans, vital contracts will expand your resources, or you can learn the ways of the Fremen and ride mighty sandworms into battle!

Dune: Imperium Uprising is a standalone spinoff to Dune: Imperium that expands on that game's blend of deck-building and worker placement, while introducing a new six-player mode that pits two teams against one other in the biggest struggle yet.

The Dune: Imperium expansions Rise of Ix and Immortality work with with Uprising, as do almost all of the cards from the base game, and elements of Uprising can be used with Dune: Imperium.

The choices are yours. The Imperium awaits!

  • Dune: Imperium — Uprising will feature material from the upcoming movie from Legendary Pictures, Dune: Part Two.
  • This is a stand-alone expansion. It does not require any previous Dune: Imperium products to play, but you can add to it both the Rise of Ix and Immortality expansions, and even cards from the original Dune: Imperium. (The rulebook includes a section specifically addressing this compatibility, which we have made public.)
  • The additional components in Dune: Imperium — Uprising include the option for a brand new 6-player mode which pits two teams of 3 against one another.

  • Tuotteen lisäyspäivä: 26.09.2023.

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