Figu: Avatar The Last Airbender - Toph, Bendyfigs (17cm) Figu: Avatar The Last Airbender - Toph, Bendyfigs (17cm)
26.90 €

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Luokka: Figuuri
Julkaisupäivä: 30.11.2022
Julkaisija: Noble Collection
Postitus: 4.90 €
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The Noble Collection is pleased to announce the latest in its range of Bendyfigs&trade four figures from Nickelodeon's multi-award-winning animation series, Avatar: The Last Airbender

Set in a world where humanity is divided into four tribes, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, each with individuals who can bend the element of their tribe. Aang, the young Avatar, the one who can manipulate all the elements, is awoken from suspended animation to discover his race, the Air Nomads, has been annihilated by the Fire Nation. He embraces his destiny and sets off to unify his world through mastery of all the elements.

Toph Beifong, the blind twelve-year-old earthbending prodigy of the Earth Kingdom, who teaches Aang his skills. Stands approximately 6.75 inches/17 cms in height.

Offered on a branded base and presented in a four-colour blister pack, allowing for our Bendyfigs to be displayed from a Euro hook or free standing on a shelf.

PLAY & DISPLAY! These authentic, intricate figures from your favourite brands come in a unique and flexible form factor. Proudly display each character with the included stand. Bendyfigs are fun for kids and a detailed collectable for fans of all ages - they're Toyllectible!

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