Miss Kobayashi\'s Dragon Maid: The Complete Series Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: The Complete Series
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Luokka: Elokuvat
Julkaisija: Crunchyroll
Kieli: Puhe: Japani, Englanti / Tekstitys: Englanti
Ikäsuositus: 12+
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All 14 episodes of the Japanese anime about Koboyashi (voice of Mutsumi Tamura), a regular office worker who wakes up one day to find a large dragon outside her apartment. The dragon, known as Tohru (Yuuki Kuwahara), transforms into a female human and explains to Koboyashi that she is indebted to her because Koboyashi saved her life the previous night. However, due to her excessive drinking the night before Koboyashi has no memory of this incident.

Koboyashi allows Tohru to become her maid but it isn't long before problems arise and when Tohru's presence attracts other dragons Koboyashi realises she might need a bigger apartment. The episodes are: 'The Strongest Maid in History, Tohru! (Well, She Is a Dragon)', 'Second Dragon, Kanna! (We're Totally Spoiling Here)', 'Start of a New Life! (That Doesn't Go Well, of Course)', 'Kanna Goes to School! (Not That She Needs To)', 'Tohru's Real World Lessons! (She Thinks She Understands It Already)', 'Home Visit! (And Homes Not Visited)', 'Summer's Staples! (The Fanservice Episode, Frankly)', 'New Dragon, Elma! (She's Finally Appearing, Huh?)', 'Sports Festival! (There's No Twist Or Anything)', 'Troupe Dragon, On Stage! (They Had a Troupe Name, Huh)', 'Year End, New Year! (No Comiket Bit This Time)', 'Tohru and Kobayashi's Impactful Meeting! (We're Raising the Bar On Ourselves)', 'Emperor of Demise Arrives! (It Was the Final Episode Before We Knew It)' and 'Valentines and Hot Springs! (Please Don't Get Your Hopes Up)'.

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