Palapeli: Puzzle Falcon - Catching The Bus (500) Palapeli: Puzzle Falcon - Catching The Bus (500)
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Luokka: Lautapelit
Julkaisupäivä: 16.04.2021
Julkaisija: Jumbo
Postitus: 4.90 €
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Catching the Bus is a quality deluxe 500 piece jigsaw puzzle by Falcon Deluxe.

Catching the Bus is a nostalgic and detailed scene of people buying a ticket from the bus conductor before boarding the bus.

Artist Nigel Chilvers.

Falcon's premium deluxe range was first introduced in the 1970's, although the earliest jigsaw puzzles date back to the 18th Century. Using distinctive blue backing card and unique precision printing and cutting techniques, Falcon continuously brings together beautifully finished high quality images in various themes.

Designed and crafted with a passion for excellence, Falcon Deluxe puzzles continue to celebrate distinctive values of heritage, quality and innovation.

Completed Puzzle Size: 34.5 x 48.5cm

Tuotteen lisäyspäivä: 07.04.2021.