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Luokka: Nintendo Switch
Julkaisupäivä: 15.10.2020
Julkaisija: MDM
Kieli: englanti
Ikäsuositus: 12+
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A traumatic event has shaken the balance of the world where robots roam free. Human life has been almost wiped out by Lemonkus; the evil A.I. In this quirky fast-paced action platformer, you must take control of Tabby, a killer robot with the soul of an ancient warrior.

Starting out with nothing you will progress and increase in strength by killing enemy robots to unlock abilities, weapons and KICK-ASS ninja tricks. Explore a world filled with secrets, hidden passages and mysterious characters. Kunai is all about movement and agility. Use your ninja mobility to reach places where no normal robot could ever go.

Box version include a sticker set in a special box.

  • Fast-paced action platforming with a grappling twist

  • Silky smooth movement mechanics tuned to the pixel

  • Lots of juicy exploding robots crafted with care (note: screen shake can be turned off at your own leisure)

  • Kunai-driven grappling fun with swinging included to amplify those deadly ninja drops

  • A wide variety of places to explore, ranging from a fallen city, floating airships to artificial deserts and more!

  • Unique art style, with every area having its own colour palette taking you back to the early days of gaming

  • Combat mechanics and weapons in abundance to slice, dice and fire your robotic foes to pieces

  • Friendly and not so friendly robots to meet along the way including Earl, Chief as well as the evil A.I. Lemonkus

  • Rocking soundtrack with lots of 16-bit references blasting into your ears

  • Tuotteen lisäyspäivä: 08.10.2020.

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