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The Board Game Book: Volume 1
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Luokka: Kirjat
Julkaisupäivä: 30.04.2019
Julkaisija: Clyde & Cart Press
Kieli: Englanti
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The last decade has seen tabletop games explode in popularity. Thousands of new releases hit store shelves every year, and favourite titles like Dungeons & Dragons, Catan and Pandemic have sold millions of copies around the world.

The Board Game Book, Volume 1 is the first in an annual hardback series exploring some of the most exciting, innovative and original new products in this fascinating hobby. Written by a team of professional games journalists from outlets including The Guardian, PC Gamer, VICE and Tabletop Gaming Magazine, it combines insightful games criticism, beautiful photography and exclusive interviews with game designers in an attractive coffee-table format.

With sections on everything from quick and simple family games to complex strategy, the book offers something for gamers of all tastes and experience levels. It also features a dedicated chapter on the best games for newcomers to the hobby, as well as a guide to the best digital board game apps and a foreword by Ian Livingstone, CBE, the founder of Warhammer publisher Games Workshop and co-author of the iconic Fighting Fantasy series.

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