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D&D 5th: GM Toolbox - Wandering Monster Deck, Waterways
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Julkaisupäivä: 01.11.2019
Julkaisija: Nord Games
Kieli: Englanti
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The Wandering Monsters Deck: Waterways (5E) is the perfect accessory to randomly generate interesting and appropriate monsters to challenge your players and always keep things fun while playing top role playing games! This monster expansion deck includes: 3-5 possible encounters in the waterways on each card, 52 cards per deck, adjustable intensity encounters, and appropriate challenge ratings.

Add exciting new monsters that you would have never thought to use before today with the Wandering Monsters Deck: Waterways (5E)!

Wandering Monster Decks are an excellent addition to any game master's toolbox. Each deck is full of monsters that fit a particular environment.

The 52-card deck is based on one of the various bestiaries available for 5th Edition and Pathfinder.

Each card is themed, with flavor text along the top and three to five possible encounters, offering a range of challenge rating options. The flavor text is there to set the scene, and every possible encounter has been carefully crafted to make sense within that scene. If there are multiple creatures, it makes sense that they would be together and in that particular environment.

The cards are designed to be used in two ways. You can take a more old-school approach to wandering monsters and roll for the encounter using a d6, d8, or d10 (depending on the card) and use the numbers on the table to determine what monster or monsters the party encounters. This approach could result in a walk in the park for the party, a fight for their lives, or an encounter that's just right.

The other way to use these cards is to refer to the challenge rating of each encounter and choose the most appropriate for the party. This will assure that players are fairly challenged according to their level, and should save players from boredom, as well as the dreaded TPK(!), but we make no promises.

The decks can be used on the fly to create random encounters during gameplay, or they can be used while you're building out your own adventures. All of the challenge ratings have been calculated for you, and the cards are specifically designed to inspire your creativity with their themes, flavor text, and interesting encounters. You'll find yourself using a much more diverse collection of creatures than you normally would, and your players will be more entertained than ever!

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