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Sherlock Holmes: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures
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Luokka: Lautapelit
Julkaisija: Asmodee Editions
Kieli: Englanti
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Reenter the gaslit world of Sherlock Holmes in Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures as you race to save London from its most nefarious villain. Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures is a brand new standalone game in the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective series of games. You don't need another box to dig into this one, but if you're familiar with previous Consulting Detective games, you'll feel right at home in the West End. In this new title, you and your fellow detectives must work together to uncover clues, follow leads, and gather evidence in order to solve a variety of crimes from Regent's Park to London Bridge. The neighborhood of Whitechapel is especially troubled, as many of its female residents have been found slain in the night. Search the dim streets and pore over the day's news in order to piece together the puzzle to stop Jack the Ripper's vicious crime spree.

No Stone Left Unturned
Reopen the cold cases of Consulting Detective with new information, revised and adapted for Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures. In the West End Adventures, you will hit the streets of London's five districts once again in hopes of solving the crimes splashed across the front page of every newspaper in town. Each case book will provide you with the necessary details to begin your investigation, providing you with an introduction to the case and a number of leads for you to follow. As you attempt to pin down the answers you seek, you must speak to numerous suspects, witnesses, and informants, all of whom can be located using either your list of contacts or the directory of London. The leads for each case are scattered across the game map, and you will have to decide which lead deserves your attention first, and then decipher the clues you pick up along the way.

As you explore the city, you would be well served to keep your eyes open for clues hidden in plain sight. Alongside each case, you will have a timely newspaper to peruse, and amongst the obituaries and letters to the editor, you may find information to help confirm your suspects' alibis or call them into question. You may even have to review older editions of the newspaper in order to fill all the gaps in your convoluted case. When a new clue, lead, or piece of information reaches you, there are numerous documents and locations for you to consult should you choose to pursue it. Miscalculated deductions may well lead you to a dead end, but even the best investigators sometimes have to backtrack and begin their investigation again.

Jack's Assault on Whitechapel
Completely new to the Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures game is the multi-case Jack the Ripper campaign. Independent of the other cases in the box, this campaign consists of four casebooks which must be investigated in order. Intended for more mature players, the information included in these cases are based heavily in known facts and actual testimonies related to the real-world Jack the Ripper's 1888 murders. Throughout the investigation of these cases, you will assist the authorities in identifying the details of five heinous murders across four horrifying nights and ultimately attempt to track down the monstrous criminal who commited them.

Each case is centered around the murder of a woman in the poverty-stricken neighborhood of Whitechapel. On the opposite side of the original London map is a map of Whitechapel district to be used especially for the Jack the Ripper campaign. The newspapers for the Jack the Ripper campaign are also independent of the others in the game, although they do relate to each other. As you seek answers about Jack the Ripper, his motivations, and his location, consulting all four newspapers will bring you ever closer to solving the crime. With over one-hundred suspects in the real-life investigations into Jack the Ripper, it's impossible to nail down just one in the game, but the police still need answers, and you're the best team for the job.

The Devil Is in the Details
Fitting together every piece of the puzzle, from the sordid to the mundane, is all you can do to find the answers to each unspeakable crime. Every detail counts, so it will take a careful, attentive team of investigators to outsmart the criminal, and possibly even Holmes himself. At the end of each case, Holmes will walk you through how he deciphered the clues, and you will be given the opportunity to compare your score to his, based on leads followed and information uncovered. While Holmes might consider himself "an omnivorous reader with a strangely attentive memory for trifles," you may be able to outsmart even him with your own quick wit and sharp memory.

• Put yourself in the shoes of Sherlock Holmes as you work to solve the most devious cases
• Ten brand-new cases offer plenty of opportunities for you to prove your ingenuity
• Catch the notorious Jack the Ripper in a four-case campaign
• New newspapers and maps draw you into the atmospheric world of Victorian London
• Can be played on its own or as an expansion to Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

* 10 Case Booklets
* 10 Newspapers
* 2 Maps
* Directory
* Rulebook

Tuotteen lisäyspäivä: 28.02.2017.

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