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Jam With The Band
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Luokka: Nintendo 3DS
Kieli: englanti
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There have been plenty of music games before, but never anything like Jam with the Band. Not only do you get to jam along with a range of famous tunes but you can make your own music too - or download other people's to play around with. With 50 different songs to sample and more than 60 simulated instruments you can make the game as easy or complicated as you want. At its simplest you can hit the perfect note by pressing any of the buttons, but play it in Pro mode and you'll have to use every button and specify every note exactly. Making your own tunes couldn't be easier - whether you just hum into the mic to pick your notes or use real music notation to choose them exactly. But whether it's your song or someone else's the best fun is still the massive eight-player party mode. Key Features * Band Brothers: The most powerful portable music game ever features more than 50 songs plus the ability to create hundreds of your own with the minimum of fuss. * DS Music: Play more than 60 different instruments using the same easy-to-understand interface, but with subtle variations for important roles like drums. * Band Hero: Jam together with up to eight players as you play along wirelessly to any song, each person contributing a different instrument. * Karaoke Time: Join in with any song in karaoke mode by singing straight into the DS' in-built microphone - or have the DS translate your hums into actual notes. * DJ Download: Upload the songs you create online or download those made by other fans, with space for up to 100 extra songs on the DS cartridge. About the Developer: Nintendo Software Design & Development (SDD) One of Nintendo's newest development groups, this studio was formed specifically to create experimental games using much smaller teams than usual. Their first game was the Japanese-only precursor to Jam with the Band in 2004, but their biggest hit has been the Brain Training games.

Tuotteen lisäyspäivä: 18.01.2011.

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