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Stealth VR100: Virtual Reality Headset
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PLEASE CHECK YOUR PHONES COMPATIBILITY AS SOME APPS MAY NOT BE COMPATIBLE WITH YOU PHONE, OLDER PHONES MAY NOT WORK A Virtual Reality (VR) Headset or Head Mounted Display is a device that encases your entire field of vision like a pair of goggles. It blocks out all external light and uses your mobile phone screen to project a 3D image in front of your eyes. In essence, a VR headset takes what people would expect to see in reality with 360 degree panorama and replicates that environment with imagery that moves and behaves the same way. After almost a year in development Stealth VR is ready to enter the market. Lightweight, sleek and well ventilated this headset is built to optimise your virtual reality experience. At only 380g (+device) and with several customisable features, you can desappear into a comfortable, fully immersive Virtual Reality environment tailored to your specific needs. Stealth VR100 is designed to be hygienic without sacrificing comfort or style. It's smooth surfaces and beautiful simple structure make this headset easy to clean, whilst maintaining high aesthetic value. Compatible with everything up to and including the most recently available smart-p[hones, this affordable headset opens up a world of possibilities. Virtual Reality (VR) Fully immersive and interactive content which places the user in a 3D environment that replicates the atmosphere of the given scenario VR can encompass elements of 3D, 360 degrees and AR simultaneously. 3D Gives an improved depth of field and creates the impression that items or objects are coming out of the screen. 360 Degrees Allows you to look around your VR environment in full panorama using your phones in built accelerometer. AR (Augmented Reality) Uses your mobile camera to project virtual content onto your actual surroundings and distort reality. Media & Editing Stealth VR doesn't just allow you to view ready made content- it also allows your to ex.

  • Media and Editing - experience your own photos using free apps you can upload and view in stunning VR/3D mode.
  • Music - immerse yourself in the likes of Paul McCartney's / Michael Jackson's concerts by standing on the stage with these legends and experience this from your own front room!
  • Educational - use as an educational tool, with a huge variety of real life documentaries and VR experiences across the globe.
  • Animation - endless opportunities to view these animations with VR - coming soon Star Wars 360 VR - view the famous ships and take a personal tour!
  • Sport - view those experiences in 3D VR.

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