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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game
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Luokka: Roolipelit
Julkaisija: Fantasy Flight Games
Kieli: Englanti
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Gather your friends and prepare for adventure in the Star Wars galaxy! The Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game features a complete, learn-as-you-go adventure. Pre-generated character folios keep rules right at the your fingertips, while custom dice and an exciting narrative gameplay system make every roll into a story. The rules provide hours of entertainment as you tell your own tales of a galaxy far, far away!

Learn the Mechanics as you Play The abridged and simplified ruleset, which is incorporated into the included adventure, lets you learn as you play; you and your team will navigate the suns-blasted streets of a small Tatooine town in hopes of securing your own spaceship. With plenty of opportunities for combat, social encounters, and more, the included adventure teaches the fundamentals of Edge of the Empire as part of its narrative.

Thrusting players directly into the action, Escape from Mos Shuuta begins with a desperate escape from ruthless thugs, and ratchets up the action from there. All the while, pertinent mechanics are introduced incrementally as part of the exciting narrative.

Character Folios Include Everything You Need to Know The Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game lets you choose one of four pre-generated characters and jump right into the game. Will you be a Wookiee mercenary or a human smuggler? A Droid colonist or a Twi'lek bounty hunter? The choice is yours, and the convenient character folios present all the information you'll need.

Each eight-page folio includes a background explaining that character's connection with Teemo the Hutt (the adventure's villain) and the other heroes, quick reference guides for the game's core mechanics, and plenty of options for advancement during Escape from Mos Shuuta and into adventures beyond.

Build the Story with Unique Custom Dice The unique custom dice mechanic provides a wealth of narrative options. Symbols for success, failure, and complications are all printed directly on the dice! Even a successful roll can place you under threat, and even a failure can create some advantage.

Through this system, which takes all narrative conditions into account, players and Game Masters quickly build a dice pool for each task, then they roll and let the dice help guide the growth of the story.

• A modified version of the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire roleplaying game, specifically designed for novice players • Features a complete, learn-as-you-go adventure perfect for pick-up-and-play
• 4 pre-generated character folios keep the most important rules at a glance and assist players new to the genre in learning the mechanics of character development
• 14 custom dice included to drive narrative gameplay
• Contains poster-size map as setting for adventures

* 15 Dice
* A very cool "Read this first: An example of roleplaying" leaflet (written like a script)
* 24 page adventure (you don't need to read rules, just start reading this and playing, the rules will be explained as needed)
* 48 page abridged rules (for when players are ready to explore rules deeper and make their own adventures)
* 4 pre-generated character booklets (when you increase a level, you turn the page, very sweet design).
* 1 doubled-sided poster play-mat (Tatooine town, and the "Krayt Fang" a YT-1300 style freighter).
* 1 Sheet of cardboard counters for optional visual assistance in playing
* FFG will make an additional beginner's game adventure (continuing the adventure included in the box) available for free online, as well as two additional pregen characters.

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