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Luokka: PlayStation 3
Julkaisija: Codemaster / Atari
Kieli: Englanti
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FUEL is set in an alternate present in which whole swathes of the globe have been ravaged by the effects of climate change brought on by decades of environmental abuse. Here oil prices have rocketed and yet a new breed of racing junkie takes to the wastelands, pitting their grungy home-tuned vehicles against each other in an all-new extreme sport as they compete to win fuel supplies. To triumph means travelling the wastelands to challenge the best; from the tsunami-wrecked pacific coast through the Nevada wastelands, including the Grand Canyon, up treacherous snow-capped mountains, thick forests, arid deserts, abandoned lakeside resorts and much more.

FUEL" is a multi-vehicle racing game where the player has to master driving offroad vehicles, ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) and PWCs (personal water craft) in order to win. With special care being put into each different vehicle type, FUEL is a dream to any racer gamer, with no gameplay type getting old or repetitive.

* Over 30 unique single player environments
* Drive anywhere and do whatever it takes to finish the race!
* Featuring Splitscreen multiplayer, Timetrials, and Freeroam mode
* Over 15 secret levels with unique missions
* Over 30 different vehicles to choose from!

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Tuotteen lisäyspäivä: 27.03.2009.

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