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Boenfu: 13 in 1 - Case & Accessories Kit
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Luokka: Monialusta
Julkaisupäivä: 10.01.2020
Julkaisija: Boenfu
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  • Large Storage Capacity Carrying Case- Keep your Nintendo Switch free from scratches, dust, drop etc. A large zippered mesh pocket provides secure storage room for some small Nintendo Switch accessories like small charger, charging cable, slim power bank, ear buds, and 2 extra Joy-Con controllers. The case for nintendo switch also build with 8 game card slots, allowing you to carry and change your favorite games anytime & anywhere ( Nintendo Switch, cotrollers, charger, joy-cons are not Included)
  • Full Kit of Protectors for Nintendo Switch Accessories- Game tablet case, 2 Pcs of Joy-Con controller cases and 2 Pcs of Joy-Con controller sheets protect the Nintendo Switch from dust or scratch; The play stand provides 3 angles to choose according to your needs; Screen protector protect the screen of Nintendo Switch from dust, scratches and dropping; 2 pairs of thumb grip caps protect the thumb grip from dust; Portable rope made this carrying pouch is easy to carry with
  • High Quality-This carrying case for Nintendo Switch as well as the accessories are made of high quality EVA fabric and plastic. Durable hard shell protects Nintendo Switch and all accessories from dropping, scratching, dust, bad whether when traveling or outdoor (2 elastic straps make your switch more stable)

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