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Pelimatto: Blackfire - Battleground Ed. Swamp - Ultrafine(2mm)
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Luokka: Korttipelit
Julkaisija: Blackfire
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Blackfire Battleground playmats are designed to look like an amazing landscape perfectly matching your TCG creature preferences. But they really stand out when connected with other Battlegrounds. The borders of this kind of playmat match with each other so two players with battleground playmats can create multi lands to fight their card battles. Put two different battlegrounds against each other to see which colour will win or use two identical playmats to create a large thematic environment for any TCG!

Blackfire Playmats are the perfect accessory for all card games, dice rolling or just as a desktop surface. Our playmats are softly cushioned and have an Anti-Slip surface at the backside to ensure a fixed position. These mats provide a safe environment for your cards and accessories.

This playmat measures 61x35cm and has a comfortable thickness of 2mm.

The artwork is done by the artist Alan Lugon Ferreira who also created our successful "Guarding Dragon" playmat. The Battleground-Line of playmats is combinable with all other Battlegrounds and will soon be expanded with further images.

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