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Star Wars: TIE Fighter Universal Smartphone Mount
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Officially licensed Star Wars merchandise

No need to have a bad feeling about this holder - it's officially licensed merchandise, meaning you can expect sky-high standards across the design and production processes.

Top-flight Imperial fleet-style in-car holder for your smartphone

Throughout the whole Galactic Civil War, TIE fighters were used to enforce the Empire's iron rule. Now, you can enlist this Imperial ship to grip your smartphone, just as a long, long time ago, it once maintained the Empire's grip in a galaxy far, far away.

Compatible with virtually any smartphone on the market

Whether your phone is an Imperial battlecruiser or the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, this is the holder you're looking for. Adjustable arms mean the holder can accommodate any device between 55 and 80mm, which accounts for the vast majority of devices on the market.

Easy, hassle-free installation

All you need to do to install this stalwart Imperial sentinel into your twin ion engine vehicle is attach the rear clips onto the vent blades. Perfect for holding your phone while you're inputting those secretly obtained co-ordinates to the rebel base.

Mounts quickly and quietly to most in-car vent types

Whatever model your swoop bike may be, you can rest assured that the TIE Fighter Holder's universal vent clip will be compatible. Simply clip the holder on and slot your device into the adjustable arms - no fuss, no hassle.

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