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Colt Express: Bandits Expansion - Tuco
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Hinnoissa saattaa olla eroa myyntipisteen mukaan.

Luokka: Lautapelit
Julkaisija: Ludonaute
Kieli: englanti
Ikäsuositus: 10+
Postitus: 4.90 €
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And if your opponents were not only the other players, but also the game...

The principle of each of these mini-extensions is to play a Bandit by the game itself.
A new story is written each time, because each mini-expansion proposes a specific objective and actions for the Bandit played by the game.

This Bandit can win, and in this case, no player around the table is the winner. It is thus necessary to unite against this Bandit "automaton", without forgetting that there is only one winner, the richest, of course.

Each of the following mini-extensions is played alone, with the basic Colt Express game. They are not compatible with each other, nor with other existing extensions.

My enemy's enemy!

Tuco has no desire to face the Marshal, his childhood friend against whom he holds a tenacious grudge.
If you get Tuco and the Marshal to meet, you win a $500 bonus.

To relieve his nerves, Tuco shoots at anything that moves. It has two full magazines.
His loot at the end of the game is $250 per shot he fired.

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