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Termospullo: Batman - Vacuum Flask
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Whether fighting the gallery of Rogues on the streets, or out enjoying lavish parties as his billionaire Bachelor alter ego, Batman hardly ever worked from home. So for all those times you're out in the Batmobile or working long hours, this robust vacuum flask is just the thing to keep you going.

A 500ml stainless steel flask with soft plastic Batman sleeve and a sleek, discreet design, wherever you are and whatever the task your favourite brew can always be close at hand. The Batman vacuum flask is the ideal way to keep drinks warmer for longer, making it perfect for long journeys, holidays or taking to work. The insulated flask features a screw on lid that can also Double as a drinking cup.

Batman is an instantly recognizable brand, and has transcended his Comic book origins to become a cultural icon for over 70 years. First appearing in detective comics in 1939, the crime fighting anti-hero is the vigilante alter ego of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. Batman is a hero to both adults and children the world over, making this Batman vacuum flask the perfect gift for any Comic book or superhero fan, as well as being a great piece of Batman memorabilia. The Batman vacuum flask is an officially licensed product.

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