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Gioteck: TX-S Sniper Thumbs
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Luokka: PS4
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Gioteck TX-S Sniper Thumbs for PS4. Join the Sniper Elite.

Tactical Control

The Gioteck TX-S Sniper Thumbs for PS4 are precision engineered to provide pinpoint accuracy and enhanced grip. Made from medical grade silicone for a tactile and smooth finish, the Gioteck TX-S controller thumb grips feature deep grooves for precision movement and are specially designed to provide optimum grip and comfort. The TX-S Sniper Thumbs are easy to attach to any PS4 controller, and each kit includes small, medium and large thumb grips. Gioteck's Tactical range of PS4 thumb grips will give you the edge over your rivals and take your game to the next level.

Gioteck TX-S Sniper Thumb Features

  • Deep grooves for unparalleled accuracy and control
  • Manufactured from medical grade silicone
  • Tactile and smooth finish
  • Comes with small, medium and large thumb grips

Why Choose the Gioteck TX-S Sniper Thumbs for PS4?

Deep Groove Thumb Grips

The Gioteck TX-S' performance thumbsticks feature deep grooves for greater grip and comfort, giving gamers optimum control over character movement. Your thumbs won't slip off the sticks at crucial moments, and the deep grooves help to provide enhanced accuracy and precision.

Additional Height

When you attach the TX-S Sniper Thumbs to your PS4 controller, the additional height extends the radial lever and provides a greater radial arc. This reduces thumbstick resistance and makes your in-game characters much easier to control. The reduced resistance also allows you to play for longer without experiencing hand fatigue. Increased range of movement + reduced resitance = awesome performance.

Medical Grade Silicone

Gioteck's Tactical range of thumb grips are manufactured from medical grade silicone, providing a tactile and smooth finish that only looks great, but also aids grips and enhances controller feedback.

Three Different Sizes

Each pack of Gioteck TX-S Sniper Thumbs for PS4 includes small, medium and large thumb grips.

Join the Sniper Elite

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