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Construct Companion
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Luokka: Roolipelit
Julkaisija: Iron Crown Enterprises
Kieli: Englanti
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Build a Better Bad Guy!
Artificial beings are unnatural creatures constructed by enchantments. Composed of virtually any element or substance, they have no inherent soul. Instead, their spirit is a gift or a temporary lodger. Their bodies would not �live� but for the incantations that unite them with a wandering soul or part of the maker�s own spirit. Construct Companion is a fantasy roleplaying sourcebook on artificial entities and magical machines of every kind. It expands on the material available in Creatures & Monsters and Treasure Companion, and represents a total revision and unification of the fragmented resources found in previous editions of Rolemaster. Construct Companion will reveal how members of the existing Rolemaster professions can become masters of creative magics, and explore their motivations and methods. From a handful of individual entities crafted by isolated sages to vast artificial armies produced by mage guilds, creators and created alike will have a proportionate impact on the setting. Construct Companion will help gamemasters (GMs) to meld them into their stories as player-characters (PCs), non-player-characters (NPCs), and as sources for adventure.

Included in Construct Companion are:

*Rules for creating Golems, Automata, Constructs & Simulacra
*Spell Lists
*a special section on incorporating Constructs into your campaign and more!
*128 pages.

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