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10 Sci-Fi Movies Collection (3 Discs)
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Luokka: Elokuvat
Kieli: englanti
Ikäsuositus: 18+
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Timecop: Set in the year 2004 where time travel is a reality and a new breed of crime has emerged. It is now possible to alter history and the Time Enforcement Commission has ruled that no-one goes back in time. But someone has broken the rule and Timecop Max Walker must prevent a change in history - and prevent the murder of his wife... Cyborg Cop 1: When a mysterious package arrives on his doorstep, Jack Ryan, a former member of the DEA, immediately suspects that something is wrong. He discovers that the package contains a plea for help from his brother Phillip, on a DEA assignment on the Caribbean Island of St. Keith. Cyborg Cop 2: The new generation of Cyborgs are more lethal, powerful, dangerous, and smarter than the computers that programmed them. So intelligent, they are capable of regenerating themselves without human control - a chilling prospect for the civilized world. Cyborg Cop 3 Enter the dark world of sythentic humanoids where ruthless recyclers scavenge cyborg parts and sell them to the highest bidder. Moon 44 The year is 2038. Giant intergalactic corporations have taken control of the universe, locked in a ruthless battle for planets where men and robots mine the priceless chemicals that are now Earth's only source of fuel. Space pirates are systematically hijacking the vital space shuttle from the moon 44 mining base, which is also the location of an experimental defence programme using highly advanced helicopter gunships. It is undercover investigator Felix Stone's task to hunt down the hijackers. But, if Moon 44 base is attacked, the orders are to sacrifice the men and save the robots. Apex Black Moon Rising Tommy Lee Jones is Quint, a shrewd and tough "professional thief" working for the government. He has hidden a computer disc containing vital evidence in a sleek, fast prototype automobile which is stolen by a sophisticated car theft ring in Los Angeles. Quint, the owners of the car and the killers who want the disc back are forced into a high-risk raid on the impenetrable fortress of the car thieves in this taut, action-filled suspense adventure. Earth Alien Salena Incident Roswell was just the beginning... During a routing transport exercise a group of prisoners overpower their guards and take them captive. But their well executed escape plan turns into something far more menacing. When they enter the supposedly peaceful town of Salena the prisoners and guards are faced with an alien threat far more powerful than anything imaginable! The Sender

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