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Laukku: Sonic - Japanese Logo
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This Messenger Bag is perfect for fans of the hugely popular Sonic the Hedgehog character. It features a design based on the iconic character with trendy Japanese logo. The bag also includes adjustable strap and front flap pocket compartment. The bag measures 38cm x 29cm meaning it can hold A4 files making it ideal for school, university or casual use. Officially licensed. Sonic the Hedgehog blazed his way into the hearts and minds of gamers way back in 1991, selling over 15 million units with his debut effort. He became a cultural icon and a 'mascot' for the Sega brand rivalling Nintendo's Mario. Over 20 years later Sonic is still going strong having appeared in over 65 titles and selling over 80 million units worldwide as well as starring in his own animated cartoon and comic book series.

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