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Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Dueling Starter Deck -Destiny Masters
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Julkaisija: Konami
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Real life Speed Dueling is here!

Following the hugely successful Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Mobile Game Speed Dueling will now be supported as a brand-new way to play physical !

The Speed Duel Starter Decks each contain 3 ready to Speed Duel and 3specially chosen to boost.

Speed Duel Starter Deck -Destiny Masters contains for Yami Yugi, Ishizu Ishtar and Maximillion Pegasus.

Also included are brandnew Skill to change building decisions and flip the tables on your opponents! Some come right out of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links as a bonus, each contains a brand new original for their respective characters!

All cards in the Speed Duel Starter Decks contain a new marker confirming their legality for Speed Dueling cards with special symbol may be used Speed Dueling*, however are free to Speed Dueling cards in regular tournaments and events**

Speed Dueling is a great way to get while also providing compelling new gameplay options for existing fans. Keep an eye out on the Yu-Gi-Oh! events page to find out where you can play Speed Dueling events!

*To use a card in Speed Dueling it must have the Speed Dueling Symbol on the card, other versions of the same card are not legal.
**Skill cards may only be used in Speed Dueling events.

Each Speed Dueling Starter Deck Pack contain 3 Decks:
1 20-Card Yami Yugi Deck
1 20-Card Ishizu Ishtar Deck
1 20-Card Pegasus Deck
9 Skill Cards (3 for Yugi, 3 for Ishizu and 3 for Pegasus)
3 Ultra Rare variant cards

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